Wheel Of Life

I know, I know. It’s a technical related blog, but you know, every now and then you may think a bit about your situation in life. At least I do πŸ™‚ and a friend of mine told me about this Wheel of life that can help you to define your happiness and balance in life.

Wheel Of Life
Wheel Of Life

If you search for `Wheel of life` you’ll find quite some information about the idea behind of it. But there is no tool to create your personal Wheel of life (ok, you could print it out and fill it out with a pen.)

I have shown you the path that leads to liberation.
But you should know that liberation depends upon yourself. – Buddha

I’m a geek and what else may I do then writing an App that helps me to define my Wheel of Life. And here you are. At https://codescale.github.io/Wheel-Of-Life/ you get a simple user-interface and description to define your Wheel of Life. Go and try it out! It’s fun πŸ™‚

And hey, it’s open source. Fork it, contribute or add your feedback. And stay happy πŸ˜€

10 thoughts on “Wheel Of Life

  1. Hi, Can you get in touch with me as I am interested to use and extend your wheel of life functionality. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hello! So it is not something intercative that can be added to a website and people can fill in?
    That would be possible?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Luis, well it is interactive as you can see here https://codescale.github.io/Wheel-Of-Life/

      But there is no script available for you to embed it “easily” in your website. Right now I can only think of two options how you can “embed” it at the moment:
      – Copy the code into your website (its one html- and two css-files)
      – iframe the above github.io site in your website

      Additionally a javascript file can be developed to embed the wheel-of-life in any html-site. I created an issue for this https://github.com/codescale/Wheel-Of-Life/issues/5

  3. HI, how can I get a copy to add to my website? I work with a lot of veterans who are having a diffilcult time figuring out what they want to do next.Because they don’t have a good picture of their life. I would love to introduce this tool to them during class so they can get a gauge on their current situation so they can begin to take action. This can help reduce homeless veterans.

    1. Wow. Sorry for that veeeery late reply! :/
      In case you need a copy you can go to https://github.com/codescale/Wheel-Of-Life and with the `Clone or download` button, you can choose to download the project, unpack the zip and simply open the `index.html` in a browser. Or you open https://codescale.github.io/Wheel-Of-Life/ and get the page all set.

      If you want an app – like a simple executable to “double click” it – I may be able to help you … let me know.

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